From the Pastor

A message from Pastor Mike:

The “From the Pastor” the last two Januaries was a trivia quiz so let’s do it again and make it a tradition that all future generations will continue to do without really knowing why. This year, instead of hymns, we’ll go with some UCC, Congregational and E&R history.  Some of these are from Balaam’s Unofficial Handbook of the United Church of Christ, © 2008, United Church Press and some are from things I learned enroute to looking up other things.


  1. In 1770, the first anti-slavery pamphlet, The Selling of Joseph, was written by this Congregationalist. Name the Congregationalist pastor/author:       _______________________________


  1. In 1862, members of the First Congregational Church in Oberlin, Ohio, joined with the local community and students and faculty of a nearby college to defy the Fugitive Slave Law and rescue a runaway slave, John Price. Name the college: _________________________.


  1. In 1976, Joseph H. Evans was elected president of the UCC. He became the first African American leader of a racially integrated church in the United States. Years later, after he retired, he was one of the pastors who interviewed Pastor Mike to be placed “In Care,” and who heard Pastor Mike preach for the first time, the week before he and his family moved to Eden Seminary. Name this church where Rev. Dr. Evans worshipped in his retirement.       ____________________________________.


  1. Our ancestors in faith founded many institutions of higher learning, including: Harvard, Yale, Wellesley, Smith, Dartmouth, Williams, Mount Holyoke, Elmhurst, Howard and graduate school seminaries, Andover Newton, Bangor Theological Seminary, Eden Theological Seminary, Chicago Theological Seminary, Lancaster Theological Seminary, Pacific School of Religion, and United Theological Seminary. One of the schools we founded was first called, The Connecticut Asylum for the Education of Deaf and Dumb Persons, a name we might now consider rather offensive, but, thankfully, it is now called ___________________________________________________________________.


  1. In 1836, a struggling German Reformed seminary moved to Mercersburg, PA and operated under the charter of Marshall College. That college merged with Franklin College to become Franklin and Marshall College. Eventually, the Mercersburg Seminary spun off to its own campus and became Lancaster Theological Seminary. For 109 years, however, Lancaster/Mercersburg was the only seminary of the German Reformed church in North America. A theological debate in the mid 1800’s led a group of German Reformed pastors and church leaders to found another college that would be free of the “politics” and “heretical direction” at Mercersburg.       This new college was named ___________________________________________________.


  1. CHHSM is the covenantal organization within the UCC that brings together the many agencies and institutions that serve people throughout life. CHHSM agencies are charged with the mission to assist people of all ages and abilities to have the opportunity, as much as possible, to live life to the fullest. The acronym “CHHSM” stands for ______________________________________________________.


  1. Illinois South Conference recognizes 11 health and human service institutions within or related to the Conference. Name 5 of them: _________________________________________________________




Write your answers, drop your entry in the box in the Narthex and we’ll draw a winner on Jan 29.

Pastor Mike