From the Pastor

A message from Pastor Mike:

Time for our annual Trivia Contest!

St. John’s anniversary is January 20 so the January pastor’s epistle has been a UCC trivia contest for the last few years. Here is the last one you will have to endure unless someone else picks up the tradition.  These are all questions you should have touched on in Confirmation class.

Fill out the answer sheet (there are extra copies on the table in the narthex) and put them in the barrel on the table. We’ll draw a winner from all submitted entries on January 21.  Good luck!

(And the answers are here–just a way to see who checks the website!  shhhhhh)


  1. The UCC has one conference that is not geographically based, and it has a bishop presiding over the churches in its judicatory. It consists of the reformed churches founded by immigrants from a particular nation. The “Calvin Synod” is comprised of churches historically connected to the ___Hungarian_________________ Reformed Church.

2. Our Evangelical spiritual ancestors came from the first formal church in Europe that united Lutherans and Reformed churches after the reformation. The Prussian Union Church (known by other names as well) became the official church of Prussia in 1817. Name the king whose decrees led to the formation of this church: King _Frederick William III.

3. Rev. Robert Kofer was the first pastor to serve the group of people who would form St. John’s Evangelical Church. Rev. Kofer came to conduct worship services every other week from 1917 to 1920 until the group officially incorporated, joined the Southern Illinois Synod and called their first full time pastor. Name the church and the town where Rev. Kofer was the settled pastor: ______St. Paul Evangelical Church in Granite City (now, of course, St. Paul UCC)____________. 

4. The first church building for St. John’s Evangelical Church was purchased from a nearby Baptist congregation and moved to the corner of 6th and Penning. This building served the congregation for about 7 years until they built the church building that still stands today. What was the name of the congregation that sold us the original church building (and that is now a house down the block on Penning)? _______Brushy Grove Baptist_________________________.

5. The first hymnals purchased by St. John’s Evangelical Church were copyright 1917 by Eden Publishing house, purchased in 1922. The title of the hymnal was _The Evangelical Hymnal. 

6. Our “Good Shepherd” window is based on a painting by German painter Bernhard Plockhorst.

That’s it, just 6 questions. Enter early, enter often!

Pastor Mike